VMS - Video Management System (CCTV)

The M3S based Video Management System or Monitoring Centre manages the video surveillance environment. It has a monitoring station that consists of a computer server with Windows 2000/XP operating system and M3S based Operating software with graphical interface for system management.

This station receives information from concentrators, such as pictures from connected cameras and alarm signals. PTZ cameras are controlled from this station using a PTZ keyboard.

This monitoring station has been designed for continuous 24x7x365 days operation and allows implementation of scenarios for fast and automated system reaction. It is to be powered via a UPS and the operator station may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 Visual Display Units (VDUs).

Occurrence of a specified event, e.g. detection of motion or an alarm signal from an Intrusion Detection System will trigger an automatic system reaction (operator notification, recording, change of recording mode, transmission of video stream from a specific camera, etc.). Such scenarios may be easily extended and modified by the user.

Once the Operator software is started, it displays the window with a main summary map of monitored location/s, navigation window for fast selection of maps and system logs window. Main summary map of monitored location includes links to more detailed maps, showing icons of cameras, alarm system sensors and other devices monitored or managed by the system. Cameras may be activated (their video stream accessed) and have their recording mode switched by repeated icon clicking.

The number of monitoring stations, concentrators, video servers and video decoders in M3S system is virtually unlimited. The only constraint is the capacity available in the Network backbone.