Video Analytics

M3S Video Analytics is the capability of automatically analyzing video streams captured by surveillance cameras to detect and determine pre-configured event scenario. This application can analyze both real time video and recorded video for investigative purposes. The use of video analytics allows automatic monitoring by cameras and pops up an alert in case of events, thus freeing human operators for other activities. It also removes some of the physical limitations of human beings like limited alertness and attention span.

Refined for effortless setup and operation, it provides real-time image analysis by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and software algorithms to increase vigilance, broaden functionality, and automate alerts

Some of the known functionalities of video analytics are as below:

  • ZONE Detection
  • People Counting
  • Tripwire
  • Sabotage Detection
  • Tailgating
  • Regional Entrance
  • Loitering
  • Object Removal Detection
  • Baggage Detection
  • Autonomous PTZ Tracking
  • Stopped vehicle Detection