Solutions Overview

Security is one of the basic needs of people and is important for survival. People around the world share one common problem: How to improve safety while keeping budgets under control? Fortunately, new developments in video surveillance technology are helping people accomplish both goals.

Polixel is an integrated solutions provider and provides a wide range of security solutions as per the specific needs of the customer. Our core technology M3S is the main building block that integrates Partner’s technologies. These are then bundled and customized to create specific solutions. By adopting Polixel’s M3S based open platform IP video surveillance solutions, people can:

  • Achieve superior and more cost-effective video surveillance
  • Use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) components and third-party applications to build best-of-breed surveillance systems at a substantial cost savings
  • Integrate surveillance solutions with other security systems for a single point of control
  • Video enable access systems and other security systems with situational awareness to save money and speed up response time
  • Protect against future obsolescence
  • Easily and cost-effectively expand video surveillance operations as needs grow

M3S-Total Integrated Security & Surveillance System (M3S-TIS3) is the most advanced and comprehensive solution, which takes care of all security and surveillance requirements of a customer or an establishment. M3S based solution is a cutting-edge system for digital monitoring and remote surveillance, allowing for the transfer of video, audio and other digital signals through the network. The system is based on the client-server architecture and the TCP/IP (UDP) protocol. It is compatible with most network types like PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, Token Ring, Frame Relay, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet.

The advantage with M3S based system is that it can be deployed either as a Total Integrated Solution or as an individual solution and can later be integrated as a total solution. Which means our system can grow with the needs of the customer and is future proof.

M3S based systems have four fundamental components, which are: M3S-Operator Console, M3S-MMD (Decoder), M3S-NVR (Recorder) and Video Analytics

We have the following solutions based on our core platform “M3S”:

  • ANPR- Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • VMS - Video Management System (CCTV)
  • Video Analytics
  • FACE Recognition
  • Command and Control Centre

Partner technologies that we use after integration with our system are:

  • Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detection / Protection
  • Border Surveillance
  • GIS Systems
  • 911/112 Emergency Dispatch
  • TETRA / TetraPol Networks
  • Radar Technology for Green / Blue Border Surveillance