Products Overview

We at Polixel strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and for that we are committed to providing the best of products and services to all our clients. A list of the products offered by us is as below:

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are feature-rich, professional digital cameras designed for superior performance in a wide variety of environments.

Streaming live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet means your video streams can be accessed remotely, including via smart-phones, and stored remotely giving you increased flexibility.

These cameras have an enhanced, progressive scan imager for excellent video and color, even in the most demanding lighting conditions and use compression to produce DVD-quality video.

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Digital Video Recorders

POLIXEL offers Digital Video Recorders that are designed for 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel DVR security systems. Our Digital Video Recorder selection includes H.264 and MPEG-4 compression options and features such as motion detection. They are all of high quality vandal proof, dust-proof and drip-proof.

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Analog Cameras

These cameras are cost effective and offer greater design flexibility. They require no technical maintenance as they have no built in web servers or encoders.

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Single Channel Encoders

Our single channel dual streaming encoder integrates an analog camera into an IP based surveillance system.

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