M3S Operator Console

M3S Operator is a workstation running on Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 with M3S Video Management System Software. It is an integral part of M3S based Surveillance system. Its main function is to provide access to the complete system peripheral devices like cameras, Alarms, Access devices, Fire Prevention systems, Decoders (MMD) and servers/network video recorders (NVR). Using the operator, security personnel can schedule recording, configure Video Analytics, review events and logs, archive older recorded videos, images, events and define the system functioning and workflow.

The operator can simultaneously display up to 25 video streams at D1 (720x576) or 4CIF (704x576) resolution on up to 4 monitors through MMD server or can be scaled to a Video wall in a typical Command & Control Center deployment.

Works with M3S family of all devices: video recorders (DVRX, DVRY, M3S-Em), video servers (M2C-Em, DVC), the video decoder (MMD) and Network Video Database (NVR) and there is a possibility to display up to 32 streams for 2 monitors.

M3S Operator key features:

  • No limit to the access to number of NVRs and IP cameras from one workstation but the display is limited to 25 at a given time
  • Easy to add cameras, Operators, NVRs and other devices as and when needed. We can draw / define zone for map also using the configuration application. User interface application for camera configuration / parameter deciding can be defined using the user interface
  • MPEG-4, H.264, JPEG, MJPEG and WAVLET video stream decoding
  • Simultaneous viewing of up to 25 video streams at D1 (720x576) or 4CIF (704x576) resolution
  • Automatic switching of synoptic maps after the alarm
  • On-screen or in video window PTZ camera control with PTZ keyboard controller
  • Users and groups privileges configuration by defining user rights at different levels
  • Bidirectional audio facility over the network
  • Facility for camera sequencing
  • Remote devices configuration and review the archive
  • Displaying the operating procedures in case of the alarm
  • Exporting of the recorded images in *.avi file format
  • Scalable to a Command & Control Center setup