IP Cameras

Video Quality

POLIXEL IP Video uses Progressive Frame Mode Technology as a result of which all interlaced videos are progressively formatted. Hence motion blurring or tearing effect is eliminated in the video which results in much improved video quality for viewing and recording.

Low streaming Latency

Latency is the most important factor in time-critical applications. Latency of POLIXEL IP Video is less than 200m/sec at D1 and less than 100m/sec at CIF resolution.

IP Video Advantage

IP Camera is a complete standalone computer with camera and network interface built-in, which digitizes (encodes & compresses) and sends live videos directly over IP network - LAN, Intranet or the Internet. Hence users can implement 100% pure digital surveillance from the origin. Pure digital networking gives it versatile advantages such as superior video quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency. It also enables users to view and/or manage cameras using a standard Web browser on any local or remote computer on a network.

The IP Camera has versatile built-in functions like performing its surveillance job even when it's disconnected from the center; providing event management, providing local buffering and intelligent video analytics. POLIXEL offers a wide range of high quality IP cameras by implementing high performance PTZ, WLAN, POE, progressive scan, vandal-proof, dust-proof, drip-proof and enhancing low-light characteristics.

Common Features

  • MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264
  • Superior network transmit performance
  • Proved long-term stability
  • Lip-synced audio-visual
  • Versatile alarm service on various events
  • Sophisticated trigger configuration
  • Easy installation & management

Features Applicable To Each Respective Model

  • Superior Day/Night functionality
  • High-end Pan/Tilt/Zoom performance
  • Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 af)
  • IP66 (For IP Vandal Proof Dome)
  • Easy mounting dome
  • Progressive frame mode
  • WDR support (CPLXi301 only)
  • RTP/RTSP, Multicast, 3GPP DHCP, UPNP support
  • True Day & Night (ICR)

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