Command and Control Centre


Polixel M3S-C4 is a highly flexible and scalable video surveillance solution for the monitoring, management and control of remote video, audio and alarm streams in an all IP environment. Its objective is to centralize all distributed security systems and information for fast reaction times.

The Polixel M3S-C4 platform has a suite of modules that can be combined to meet specific requirements of the customers. Modules such as the Operator Workstation, IP Video Wall, Video Management System, and Detection & Tracking integrate with our analog or digital PTZ cameras and wired or wireless network to deliver a feature-rich video surveillance solution for today that is upgradeable for the future. It can be scaled to support any number of cameras, NVRs, control rooms and client operators and has multiple redundancy and security level options.

Polixel M3S-C4, is ideal for police forces, border control, government departments, traffic management departments, security companies and private corporations who are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet their video surveillance needs.

Feature Summary

  • Displays live video and playback on 4 separate monitors per operator workstation
  • Can simultaneously display up to 25 video streams at D1 (720x576) or 4CIF (704x576) resolution
  • Has user definable video windows, including full-screen mode and maps
  • Has hierarchical security access and control
  • Is set up for salvos, sequences and guard tours.
  • Has on-screen or joystick PTZ control
  • Has full alarm system including routing, audit management & camera activation
  • Exports to multiple formats
  • Automatically watermarks all video and images


The Polixel M3S based Command & Control with Motion Detection & Tracking Module adds a sophisticated level of live image analysis to enhance and extend the performance of the system.

Certain actions can trigger alerts, activating pre­defined processes and events. Examples of module features include:

  • Detection of objects left in a location
  • Automatic tracking of objects including counting, speed, traffic trends
  • Virtual border tracking
  • Detection of vehicles going the wrong way
  • Accident and fire alerts
  • Programmable alarm triggered jobs
  • Automatic watermarking of all video and images
  • Video Analytics