Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

M3S Automatic Number Plate Recognition System is an authorial product of Polixel SA in Warsaw, Poland. The system is based on automatic intelligent detection, motion analysis and recognition servers that send information about a recognized number of a vehicle to the central server. The central server stores the information in SQL database and makes it available to management stations and simultaneously makes it possible to access the required information through internet. The process of recognition is activated automatically and is left unattended for standing and moving vehicles. Every Plate Finder server allows a maximum of 4 video cameras connected to it. While on-line, the server analyses the images from all the cameras connected to it. Recognized numbers are recorded in the central database. Every record in the database contains the following data:

  • The number of the vehicle
  • The date and time of its recognition
  • The ID of camera
  • The image of the vehicle with the plate number visible

Depending upon the configuration, it sets-off alarm to bar a vehicle or allows it to pass-through. The built-in motion detector activates the ANPR function when a vehicle enters the camera field of view, hence negates the need to employ radar or inductive loop sensors. The system can work either with its own or with an external wanted vehicles' database. After recognising a wanted vehicle's number, the operator is informed with an alarm and an announcement that appears on-screen. The scope of the System includes Toll Plazas, Highways, small roads, guarded area entry points, parking, etc.        


  • Analyses the image in a short span of time
  • Recognizes the number plates of vehicles travelling at up to 100 km/h
  • Reads double line number plates, with various fonts character (from white, black and coloured backgrounds)
  • Records recognized number plates in the database
  • Allows system access via the internet browser
  • Allows filtering and searching of data in database
  • Registers vehicles on the basis of wanted, entitled or un-entitled to entrance etc.
  • Allows integration with external databases with information about wanted vehicles, entitled or un-entitled to entrance etc.
  • Allows defining templates for number plates and country of origin
  • Allows counting of vehicles within a lane
  • Allows differentiation based on the size of vehicles
  • Features automatic detection of vehicles that go upstream
  • Automatically informs about car conflicts and car accidents
  • Generates alarms when a car catches fire
  • Automatically informs about traffic blocks in a lane
  • Allows integration with weather conditions monitoring system on the way (icing on the pavement, fog, etc.)
  • Allows integration with traffic light system and informs about passage of pedestrian or a vehicle jumping a red light
  • Automatically measures the speed of vehicles
  • Features intelligent data handling of concerned vehicles driving through the city:

– Where and how many vehicles entered

– Where and how many vehicles left

– Categorization of vehicles as local and outsiders

– the average concrete vehicle speed through the city

– the statistics of traffic loads for each street

  • Shows all statistics for pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic

M3S ANPR System Implementation M3S ANPR System implementation is very flexible and can be deployed as Standalone system or Network based System. The Standalone solution is a single Server based System where recognition, database storage, viewing and monitoring is performed from the same system. Such system can accommodate a maximum 5 cameras solution. The later is for large scale deployment where more cameras are involved in the total system. The key strength of M3S ANPR is flexibility of implementation meeting the specific customer or project requirement.